How to Cope with wc clogged due Bandages

Many people who complain wc or toilet frequently blocked, one of the causes clogged toilet is usually because wc channels are clogged by sedot wc jakarta selatan garbage like trash plastic, children’s toys and bandaging. Well if you experience the following tips may be you can try at home.
Using a plunger cap (vacuum toilet)

How to Cope with wc clogged due Bandages

Using a plunger cap (vacuum toilet)

If you believe that the cause of your toilet is clogged hard objects such as children’s toys, you can skip How to cope with clogged toilet that could use these and other ways. On the way to overcome WC clogged with this method you should vacuum WC (plunger cap) made of rubber is large and has a strong suction power. This tool can be found in the shop building.

How is the way to use it? follow the steps below:

Cover the floor in sekelilng degan newspaper or fabric that absorbs water, place peyedot wc so completely cover sewer. add water into the bowl tolet roughly half of the high pole plunger cap.
Hold the plunger and the plunger position should be perpendicular to the discharge channel so that it can be pumped. Doron plunger down slowly and lift upward quickly without lifting the head of the plunger from the hole of the toilet bowl, and repeat this several times.
To ensure this successful release the plunger head, flush the toilet with water as usual or press the flush button. and see if the water has to flow smoothly or not?
If it was smoothly berariti wc how to deal with this method successfully blocked. If not also try Method How to Solve Wc blocked both moves.

Using soap and hot water Washing Dishes

if you do not have a vacuum toilet, you must call services were forced suction wc professional to handle it.
but do not rush to call a suction services wc, actually there are simple ways to Overcome Wc clogged due Bandages by using dish soap and hot water.

How to ?

Pour soap pring like mama lemon, Sunlight and other dish soap into the toilet. Then pour hot water. let stand for 30 minutes.
During this time the dish soap will help loosen the toilet drain and encourage past the pipes that turn on the toilet. After 30 minutes of flush toilet as usual or press the flush button. if you are not clogged wc longer then the next step is to keep the toilet to keep them clean and avoid blockages.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf Stew Water for Health

Benefits of Papaya Leaf Air Stew

Papaya is a plant that we usually find in the yard or in the garden. Plants that can reach 3-4 meters, has a unique leaf shape like a human hand as belonging to the plant reinforced leaves. However, from the shape of leaves bone contains many useful benefits for health.

Image result for manfaat daun pepaya

Papaya leaves is usually processed into tasty and nutritious snacks. Best of all types of food from the leaves of papaya can prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. This is due to the milky white sap in every part of the papaya tree contains anti-cancer compounds. In addition there are also cooked papaya leaves are boiled and drunk the water to be taken advantage. Yes, there are many diseases that can be cured by regularly consume papaya leaves boiled water. For example, kidney stones, diarrhea, intestinal worms, vaginal discharge, increase appetite, digestion, pain medication when coming months, prevent cancer, hypertension and dengue fever. Well, many of the diseases that can be treated with water boiled papaya leaves.

The content of Papaya Leaf

Perhaps you are now being asked – wondering, what the content in papaya leaves so that it can treat many diseases. Well I’ll tell any content contained in papaya leaves.

Papaya leaves has a variety of nutrient content, consider the following table:


Number / 100 gram

Vitamin A

SI 18250

Vitamin B

0.15 milligrams

Vitamin C

140 milligrams


79 kal


8,0 gram


2,0 gram


11,9 gram


353 milligrams


75,4 gram

In addition, papaya also contains carposide useful for treating intestinal worms. Not only the leaves, almost all parts of the papaya tree can be used to treat various diseases.

Efficacy Stew Papaya Leaf Water for Health

Papaya leaves can take benefit in many ways, one of them with boiling water and drink the decoction of the leaves of the papaya. Well, here are some diseases that can be addressed using boiling water and also how to cultivate papaya papaya leaves are good and right.

Treating Dengue

Dengue fever is a disease that has a lot of casualties in the world. The disease is caused by mosquito bites resulting in patients experiencing excruciating pain in the joints. Symptoms of this disease is the emergence of spots – rash, frequent vomiting and pain in the joints. And it is recommended to immediately bring to the hospital. However, the disease can be overcome by consuming papaya leaves boiled water and this method has proven to be beneficial. How to process fairly easy, first – all set to taste papaya leaves and then boiled with three cups of water until the remaining one cup only. Then strain the cooking water and drinking.

  • Relieves pain due to menstruation

When menstruation, each woman must have suffered pain or pain in the stomach. This is caused by luruhnya wall of the uterus and out of blood. Effects of pain may lead to emotional be increased or like angry – angry. You must already have experienced it and for men never see girlfriend, friend or wife like that. To relieve pain due to menstruation can be solved by drinking boiled water papaya leaves. Quite easy to boil the papaya leaves plus salt and tamarind to boiling. Strain and drink the water decoction of all the material was regularly until the pain subsides.

  • treating Hypertension

Hypertension is a disease of blood pressure or blood pressure in humans increases.Patients with hypertension is characterized by dizziness in the head and feels like at the time using a hammer. This disease can be treated with papaya leaves boiled water added with pure honey and drink in the warm.

  • Nutritional deficiencies in Toddlers

Vitamins and minerals are high on papaya leaves can overcome malnutrition in children under five. Malnutrition is usually characterized by abdominal bulge. You need to know if malnutrition in children can lead to declines in child IQ, decreased immune system and interfere with the child’s growth. To fix this you can use papaya leaves by boiling with 1 ½ cups water to boil. Strain and Drinks two tablespoons daily routine in children under five suffering from malnutrition.

So there are many benefits of papaya leaves boiled water for our bodily health. In addition, we also must always exercise that our bodies stay fit. May be useful!

Clash of Clans Lava Hound Unit Guide: & Strategy


As an outcome of Lava Hound having a somewhat high Dark Elixir cost and also requiring a level 6 Dim Barracks, the Lava Hound isn’t really a system generally utilized by many gamers.

As an outcome of Lava Hound having a somewhat high Dark Elixir rate and also requiring a level 6 Dim Barracks, the Lava Hound isn’t really a system generally utilized by a lot of gamers. Simply TH9 gamers as well as primarily TH10 gamers will most likely make use of the Lava Hound while it requires Town Hall 9.

As mentioned previously, the Lava Hound is expected to be a storage tank that was flying. Its rather significant health (also greater instead of Golem’s) is created to take in damages from Air Defense towers to provide your various other flying systems the possibility to deal damages. The only concern with the Lava Hound is that it uses up a great deal of residence room; you WOn’t have sufficient devices offered to do the damages you ought to in order to have a reliable raid, if you develop a lot of.

While the Lava Hound is dispersing the competitors with its high health swimming pool, gamers could flooding in with high damages (each residence cost) devices like Balloons or minions. The Lava Hound additionally provides the benefit of removing catches bent on guarantee Air Bombs are not strike your Minions.

CoC Lava Hound Strategy

In this overview of the Lava Hound in Battle of Families, we are mosting likely to cover study as well as training rates, device statistics, upgrade levels, as well as methods for utilizing this device in your support.

While this high level tower does big a big 280 damages the Lava Hound has at level 1. The only concern with the Lava Hound is that it takes up a great deal of residence room; you WOn’t have sufficient devices readily available to do the damages you ought to in order to have an efficient raid, if you construct as well lots of.

The Lava Hound is the genuine environment tanking device. While this high level tower does massive a big 280 damages the Lava Hound has at level 1.

he Lava Hound is amongst the largest devices in Battle of Kin (in addition to the Golem), using up 30 residence areas in Military Camps and also the Clan Castle. The good news is, the Lava Hound is not a bit extra costly as compared to Golem, running 510 Dark Elixir at level 3 and also simply 390 Dark Elixir at level 1.

Read here clash of clans hack

The Best External DVD Burners

The Best External DVD Burners

There are many who claim saputelli the fact that CDs and DVDs are now useless. These people believe that this is an outdated technology, just as it did with the floppy disk. Were disks from a few MB only useful in saving some of Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and by the way did not last even that in time. The mass storage media for these people are USB sticks, which unlike CDs and DVDs have a larger capacity and can be read and written without limits. Or micro SD that can be inserted into a Windows PC and Mac, Android smartphones, iOS and Windows 10, tablets and many other devices.

There are even external hard drives of up to 6 TB of capacity. But this generation that is always in step with the times does not know that CDs and DVDs are optical media that still survives and will survive for a long time First, although it is true that other storage media have a larger capacity in the UK, on ??the other hand it is also true that CDs and DVDs are cheaper. Then not all of the devices have USB ports and slots for SD cards, and there are many other reasons why CDs and DVDs serve. Some manufacturers do not integrate DVD burners in notebooks that produce to preserve the design. While some assembled PC does not have them because sellers want to minimize the cost and maximize space. But that does not mean you own them is not important, in fact, it is indispensable for many usages.

You happen at least once a CD or a DVD in his hands with the installation of a software program, a video game, an operating system, of a film or of any other content. And if at that moment I will own a DVD burner, you can not read it in any way, and you’ll be forced to buy one or to contact other people. There is only one brand of DVD burners: there are lots. And you have to choose the best to make sure that with burning software like Nero, the procedures always be successful. This is because writing to disk with the laser is much more complicated than on mass storage devices. We showed you the guidance on how to burn CDs and DVDs and that about getting an Amazon voucher for 10 €. Now we present the best external DVD burners.

Poison And Precious Stones, That’s The Beauty Secrets Of The Strangest Star

Poison And Precious Stones, That’s The Beauty Secrets Of The Strangest Star


There are also poison and precious stones between the ingredients and the beauty secrets of the strangest star! Masks, creams, serums and beauty elixir gold, snake venom, bee and much more: we see what are the latest beauty news magazines on celebrity skin!

Derivatives beauty from the animal and plant world are revolutionizing the world of cosmetics. In particular, poisons and precious stones are a must have among the stars who love to take care with the oddities imaginative that science offers us as a beauty elixir. Sheep placenta, slime and extracts of secular roots are just a few examples of this fascinating world of cosmetics that is revolutionizing the way we think of the universe skincare, but there are also gold, silver, amethyst powder, bee venom and much more. Let’s find out together!

In first place is the bee venom that, like many biological sera, is proving to be a beauty panacea loved by many celebrities because it appears to provide an extremely effective effect against wrinkles. The magical substance in this case is the apamin, a neurotoxin produced by the apparatus of the bee venom and powerful almost like Botox!
In America the stars will go crazy, and seem to be on the waiting list to buy the best products such as, for example, Gweeneth Paltrow seems that it uses, with obvious good effects.

Finding creams on the market to bee venom, however, is quite difficult. In Italy, the cosmetics company Rodial has launched a new line of beauty products for skin care and wrinkles, called Bee Venom, or bee venom, can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the affected area. Among other effects, the cream to bee venom of Rodial has to reduce dark circles and bags, derived from fatigue, stress or congenital predisposition.

Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are sprinkled with a layer of sheep placenta and gold flakes for a treatment with regenerating active principles of stem cells. For those wishing to buy something similar, Cream Nature’s Beauty Ovine Placenta is available on line 32 €.

Angelina Jolie uses a caviar mask to have that his beautiful glowing complexion and a product made from diamonds as Orogold Mask Cryogenic 24K Diamond, gold and, of course, diamond dust. It only costs € 1000!

Speaking of gold, however, treatment Solid Gold Facial Rodial is used by Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz: This is a real casting of molten gold 24 carat mixed with hyaluronic acid and collagen that promises to liftare, flesh out and radiate the face of new light.

8 Compact Kitchens Full Of Charm

8 Compact Kitchens Full Of Charm
Living in a small apartment has advantages and disadvantages. Like almost everything, however. The disadvantage might be to limited internal spaces and sometimes the total lack of external space. A positive aspect is that you have everything at your fingertips and then a feeling of control and order. In a small apartment to the kitchen it can not, with certain exceptions, be dedicated a large space, but you will have to deal with limited volumes, to maximize to create a comfortable space. then carefully choosing the most suitable furniture kitchen develop effective configurations both in terms of functionality and comfort. In this Book of Ideas we chose some small kitchens projects but full of charm that can inspire you. Here you go.


In this proposal the research was that of balance between contrasts dark wood furniture fits in a context of clear tones for the floor and walls, which provide brightness and airiness to the kitchen. welcoming harmony that enlarges the space.

Small, practical and stylish

small kitchen does not necessarily mean just spacious. As we see in this proposal, but the environment is perfectly organized. The worktops and the table in the bar are arranged on different levels, to optimize volumes available. The red serves to revive a context dominated by black and white. Style and practicality come together in a harmonious balance.

Multiply space to store and preserve

Shelves, drawers, cupboards, doors can also live in a small kitchen. Indeed, they must. As we see, the spaces for storing and preserving multiply, using every available volume, also in height, so that the walls become useful and exploited in every available centimeter.

One of the bathrooms

This is the bathroom that we find in the bedroom, which is essential, but also modern and elegant. In particular, the choice of colors is very refined a beautiful dove gray makes it more current. The walls of both bathrooms are finished with lime, which gives it a look of great visual impact, enhancing the effect of light.

The other bathroom

This is the other bathroom, more spacious, with ample hanging rectangular basin. The floor seems to have no leaks, the fittings are undoubtedly one of the most cared for and most successful aspects of this apartment. Good idea to use a large backlit mirror expands the space!

light colors and good lighting

light colors and task lighting are always a good solution for a small space. As we see in this image, a good balance between natural and artificial light can be maximized by the light colors of the furniture and counter tops, white and beige here.

How Anonymous Call iPhone

How Anonymous Call iPhone
The same option available natively in the Android operating system to make anonymous calls is also present in the iOS operating system of Apple’s iPhone. Here, too, simply activate this option to permanently hide your phone number.

To make the fixed option for anonymous calls on your iPhone unlocked the iPhone and tap the gear icon that is going to Settings. Now touch on phone, and in the mask that appears married with a swipe of the option lever Show ID to Off. Simple huh If you want to go back you’ll just set back to On the lever.

Making anonymous calls Windows Phone  Windows Mobile 10

It could not miss even for Microsoft’s mobile operating systems the option to set the perennial anonymous calls. Same thing, even here the function is native and activated so very easy from the smartphone menu.

You do not have to do is tap on the home screen settings. In the window that opens made a swipe to the right to reach the Applications tab, then select Phone. In the mask that appears will now touch on Show my number, and choose None. If you want to go back do the same thing but instead set All None.Once you installed you insert a CD in your drive, click on the Nero appeared on the desktop and in the menu that appears choose the item Nero Express. It will open a handy program with all the options available to create any type of CD or DVD (video, audio, etc.): we’ll do the example of an audio CD, but the process is the same for all types.

Making anonymous calls Anonym Call

Anonym Call is an application for Android that is used to make anonymous calls. It has an intuitive interface and is even easier to use than to go in the settings and find every time the option to always turn off the visibility of the number. Furthermore, the application also has the ability to bring up an indicator on the status bar that shows whether anonymous calls are activated or not. And if you buy the paid version you can even place a widget on your home screen to immediately activate the option to hide the phone number.

To install Anonym Call please visit the following link the Play Store, tap Install, and at the end of the automatic installation procedure Open. In the screen that appears, to hide your number you’ll have no choice but to set the lever to On.

Flash Introduction

Flash Introduction
In the market there are a considerable amount of external flash, of various brands, power, with different functions and especially with different prices. In addition to these built-in flash in the SLR are called pop-up (are all xenon lamps).

The flash is the cross and the delight of the photographer viscerally hated the internal flash of the photo machine and, on the contrary, loved the outdoors.

Photographer Scott Kelby, some time ago, gave a definition all the more perfect for the internal flash

built-in flash in the camera is designed for one purpose to create the flat light, unpleasant and hard that modern man has ever made. If you have it with someone, take it back with the built-in camera flash, and the bill pareggerete

Kelby basically summarizes the few words what are the disadvantages of the pop-up flash

Assuming that the smaller the area of ??irradiation and harder is the light (as seen observing a flashlight – harsh light – and with a light bulb – soft light -), the pop-up flash emits a particularly harsh light being very limited as a dimension.
Because of the location (immediately above the lens), the light of the pop-up flattens flash photography (in fact they are also deleted most of shadows on our uniformly subject), by removing entirely or almost the dimensionality simulated with the use of shadows or lines.
The pop-up flash I have the unpleasant inconvenience (now corrected directly during shooting) to be reflected in the eyes of the subject this result will appear with the same red.
Being small in size, its scope is particularly limited, at most a couple of meters. Forget zoom or possibility to remove the person from your goal

In contrast, passing the outdoor unit, the advantages of the latter are more or less the disadvantages of the pop-up overturned flash

the light emitted by the flash is directable
the area of ??irradiation is significantly larger (depending on the flash in each case)
you can direct the light on the ceiling or on the walls in order to obtain the rebound effect (no direct lighting)
being much more top-mounted to the objective does not have a flattening effect (in the case of direct illumination) labeled and does not generate red eyes
We can control the flash output in a few moments and then better manage the situation
Its scope is greater, if we are always limited, in the case of powerful flash, about 5 meters.

7 Inputs That Will Make You Feel Proud Of Your Home

7 Inputs That Will Make You Feel Proud Of Your Home


The input should not be neglected area of ??our house, where we put the first things that come to mind and to which we devote no time to think about how to furnish it. Always remember that it is the first thing you see every day when we come home and the first impression that our guests have of where we live.

Have an elegant entrance, square or elongated, it is not as difficult as you think. There are many alternatives both decorative and functional in order to obtain the maximum even from what seems hidden. In this book of ideas we will present seven very different inputs, which take so many fresh ideas to give a new life to your input.

Bright and discreet

The moderately large entrance of this country house is decorated in a modern style. The presence of a console on which rest of potted plants and some decorative elements with a rustic flavor are the main features of this area.

The photographs in black and white that we see hanging on the wall, refer to the nostalgic memories of trips to distant lands. You may also feel perfectly crisp air and the warm hospitality that permeates every corner of this room.

Mirror Makeup

This house has just one small room as an input, but that has not intimidated the owners in choosing give her a makeover.

The mirror panels on the walls are the perfect trick to get a sense of spaciousness. However, the most interesting elements in this project are the red touch on one side and the stickers drawing the world map on the wall opposite. The recessed lights in the ceiling provide the small space sufficient lighting.

Original and eclectic

The exceptionally imaginative decor of this small corridor gives it a unique appearance. The combination of colors, dominated by shades of blue, is not something we’re used to seeing every day.

The presence of small sunny yellow colored stools, the colored vases, green and sculpture of a bust further enhance its charm.

Modern and charming

You know that the colors of the doors can reveal a lot about your home A turquoise for the front door leads to the tranquility that can be found inside. lighting fixtures with an elegant design complete the atmosphere.

In addition, large mirrors on the walls leaning classic memory accentuate the brightness, while the checkered floor adds a touch eighties years. The large wardrobe is practical idea to store coats or bags to return home.

Greatest Hog Rider Combos in Clash Royale

Hey men in this video I would like to feature the Hog Rider as he can be completely deadly when used correctly and ’s only among the best cards in the game and it’s Ashes. So I’m going to share the finest methods for playing with the Hog Rider, which is with some combos that are lethal. Many of you guys probably already know about the Hog Rider and Freeze Charm combo, which will be among the most deadly combos in the game, but I’m going to show you guys that it’s not only Hog Rider and Freeze Charm collectively. There are powerful methods for understanding this will make you when using the Hog Rider, and utilising the Hog Rider.

Greatest Hog Rider Deck Combos in Clash Royale


The first combo I’d like to share is the unbelievable Hog Rider with the Freeze Charm or Zap Spell and Goblins. This can be a ridiculously great combo where your Hog Rider is a troop that is rapid and bulky, so he can really protect for the Goblins who are as quickly as him. Not only do Goblins and the Hog Rider result in a combo that is extremely fast, they’re one of most powerful combos in the game when it comes to Elixir price. It’s simply a strong combo for only 6 Elixir. As an example, a degree 5 Hog Rider does 155 damage per second, while the 3 degree 7 Goblins collectively deal 240 damage per second, so collectively they deal a huge 395 damage per second and if you’ve Halt Charm, you can deal about 2000 hit points of damage onto a tower with the Hog Rider, Goblins, and Halt Charm for the expense of just 10 Elixir. So men next time you send your Hog Rider in with a Freeze Charm, ensure that you join him!

Hog Zap Goblins

What about Zap Spell? Believe it or not, the Zap Spell is equally as lethal as the Freeze Charm. Why? Because the Zap Spell costs that were just opposed to the Freeze Charm that’s higher priced, costing 4 Elixir. When you’re investing less you’re making clash royale hack and moves that are more intelligent with less danger. By way of example, say your Hog Rider Freeze combo gets as the 2 Elixir Goblins are only an exceptional counter to Hog Riders shut down by a measly 2 Elixir Goblins. You’d be down 6 Elixir, but if you’d the Zap Spell, not only would the Zap Spell kill the Goblins, it will likewise stun the Arena Tower, giving your Hog Rider one more opportunity, while not to mention you just paid 6 Elixir for the Hog Rider and Zap combo. Yea men, don’t underestimate the Zap Spell. Add for 2 added Elixir in the Goblins, and it’ll be really irritating to your competition to cope with.

Hog Goblin Barrel Zap/Freeze
Another combo that is really strong is the Hog Rider with Zap Spell and Goblin Barrel. If you guys saw my video on my family mate Jordanny, who’s a grade 6 player, grade and 10 9 players level with this strategy. It’s such a ridiculously strong combo, where you are able to go with Goblin Barrel and the Hog Rider for the competition’s tower with significant damage. Remember when you’re using this strategy, you need to have the Minion Horde in your deck into using his Arrows as the Minion Horde laughs at your adversary, letting you use your Goblin Barrel.

Hog Minion Horde Zap Spell
Now, cards such as Barbarians, the Inferno Tower, or Minion Horde shut down the Hog Rider. So your Hog Rider can be safeguarded by engulfing your Hog Rider from these hazards that are strong. Add in your Minion Horde and a Zap Spell will consistently remove any danger that is incoming to your own Hog Rider.

The last combo I would like to share is using a significant area damage enchantment card including Lightning or Fireball . Buildings can easily stop the Hog Rider. So it becomes critical that you’ve got an easy method for setting multiple buildings to dismantle and punish your opponent. And that’s just what the Lightning or Fireball Charm supplies you with. Both can readily ruin those annoying building spammers who put defenses for example Cannon and Inferno Tower .

Therefore I expect you guys found this guide to be educational, and then you’re going to have lots of fun if you’re an enthusiastic Hog Rider user like me. And remember men, make the plays that are appropriate, the best way to play would be to begin slow and build up more Elixir than your competition. And while you’re heading with Elixir when your adversary is within an Elixir deficit, that’s when you need to make your strong combo strikes. The greatest method to attack would be to assault in combos, but in addition, you must make sure you’re not throwing away your valuable Elixir and that you’re not rushing it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Hog Rider guide that is little, don’t forget to hit on the button that is like, opinion, if you’ven’t for videos and day-to-day Clash Royale strategy and subscribe. Additionally, don’t hesitate to commend If you’ve got any question about Hog Rider in Clash Royale men! Many thanks very much!