Room With Light Colors

Room With Light Colors

A bedroom where white prevails will never get and is the ideal base if you are looking for a modern decor. The color white is a great ally in the decoration and the result as seen in this image can be spectacular. If you have cosmic doubts about which color to choose opt for the white color, and you will have no regrets because it conveys freshness, lightness, harmony and peace.

Room full of light

One of the fundamental requirements for a modern bedroom is to benefit as much natural light as possible during the day. In this room, for example, porgettisti have predicted a large wooden flooring, which not clear color is balanced by plenty of light coming from ‘large French window with sliding doors.

Room with many elements

The bedroom can also be accompanied by many decorative elements, but be careful not to overload the space, which otherwise might seem a collector of heterogeneous objects. Here, however, the well-considered choice of colors of the walls, headboard, pillows, blanket, duvet covers, lamps, floor, carpets etc .. has created a ‘together really modern and comfortable.

Room with very few elements

In this room, the designers tried not to overload the space with furniture and d ‘furnishings. This is very important because it conveys a feeling of increased airiness, as if spazzio not occupied by furniture could breathe, to put it metaphorically. Nell ‘exhibition we see here the’ essentiality of furniture and accessories carries the motto of Mies van der Rohe’s less is more.

Bedroom with pallets

In an all ‘vanguard room we can make the base of the bed with recycled material, and in this case pallets that are normally used to transport the goods have been converted to another use, that make up the structure of the bed. The process is very simple, just pick them up and stack them to create an elevated level surface on which to place the mattress.

Room with wallpaper

In a modern room to place wallpaper on the walls it is one of the decorative choices able to attract the most attention, and currently on the market there is a great variety in terms of plots and drawings; some are really good to create a fantastic atmosphere in the spaces in which they are arranged. Normally it is of a single wall, in this case the one behind the head of the bed.

Change Management And Change Management Tips

Change Management And Change Management Tips
The plan was sound; its execution, faulty. The plan was well built, its execution flawed. This is what often happens with Change Management. The hard part is to make the changes necessary to achieve the expected improvements.

Every organization has its own peculiarities and its problems in the implementation of the Change Management. In all, however, there is a fundamental obstacle the management and the employees see the change differently. The direction generally sees the change as an opportunity to improve the organization’s position and align operations with strategy, as an additional challenge. For many employees, often including interim management, change is something undesirable and destructive acquired positions.

The most common errors in Change Management
A study of more than a hundred organizations that have undertaken the change management process has yielded interesting results. Process objectives are of course different from organization to organization. In general, though, it embarks on a similar path with one main objective to operate radical changes on the conduct of business in order to deal more efficiently and effectively market changes.
The most important lesson to be learned from the success stories is that the change management process should be carried out in stages. The stages of planning must be accurate and without errors. The most common errors are

Not being able to establish a great sense of urgency
It is the first step of the process and it looks easy, but it is not for nothing. You must convince everyone of the need for change. Generally we do not want to hear the bad news and this is a major obstacle in accepting that change is necessary. It is therefore necessary to understand that go on as if nothing had happened is more dangerous than to encounter something that you do not know. The number to remember is 75. It means that if 75% of the organization is convinced of the need to undertake the process of change management a first step has been taken.

Not to create within the organization a strong enough group guide
The process group leader must be strong enough in terms of location, knowledge, experience and reputation. It is in this steering group of the change that the sense of urgency must be very strong.

Lack of a clear vision
The leader must develop a vision of the future relatively easy to understand and communicate to everyone customers, shareholders, partners and employees.

Recipes With Plums,The Most Tempting To Try

Recipes With Plums,The Most Tempting To Try

If you want to make recipes with prunes, try the most delicious sweet and savory. A real treat of salads, pies or braised meat with prunes.

The plums are suitable as an ingredient in sweet and savory recipes. Salads, pies, appetizers, main courses and pizzas. Here are many ideas for eating fresh or dried plums.
Braised beef with prunes


Beef: 800 grams
Onions: 2
Carrots: 3
Dried plums: 250 gr
Sultana raisins: 30 gr
Butter: 30 gr
Bacon: 50 gr
Red wine: 500 ml
Cloves: 2
Cinnamon, 1 piece
Concentrate Tomato, 1 teaspoon
Extra virgin olive oil: to taste
Salt: to taste


Tie the meat with the kitchen string so that during cooking to maintain the shape. Peel the onions chopped, peeled, washed and sliced ??carrots.
Coarsely chop the bacon and place in a baking dish. United bacon butter and a few spoonfuls of oil; do lightly browned then add the meat.
Let it brown on all sides, then add the chopped onions and carrot slices. Cook the vegetables for a few moments, then add salt and pepper, flavored with cloves and cinnamon and pour the red wine.
Cover the container with aluminum kitchen trying to seal it as well as possible; lean over the lid and bring to a boil the liquid.
Then put the pan in oven at 180 degrees for about 3 hours. Meanwhile, do soaked in warm water prunes and raisins. Half an hour before the end of braising, remove from oven and add the concentrate mixed with a tablespoon of flour and a bit ‘of water; mix well, season with salt and pepper and add also raisins and prunes. Close the pan and finish cooking in the oven. Bring to the table piping hot.

Salad with plums tasty


1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon mustard
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 large mozzarella, spinach, sliced ??thin
1/4 cup sliced ??almonds and season
3 plums, pitted and cut into wedges
crumbled goat cheese
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper


Whisk together first 5 ingredients in a large bowl with the oil
Add remaining ingredients and mix well. serve cold.

Pour into the mixer the flour sifted with baking powder, half the sugar, a pinch of salt and butter into cubes
Mix the ingredients until you have a mixture in crumbs. Add flush 1 decilitre of cold water, continues to work the dough to shape it into a ball, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes

How to tighten the pores naturally

Have the pores are large enough to be disturbing appearance of our face because it can make the skin becomes smooth and invisible little spots clearly visible on our faces. Most women have overcome by using makeup makeup is thick enough, this way is somewhat practical and instant but it is only temporary and will not make the pores become , but that you also need to clean the rest of the makeup optimally so as not to cause blockage of the pores.

How to tighten the pores naturally
Besides being able our face, click here for more details has pores large will tend to be vulnerable to a wide variety of skin problems such as oily skin, blackheads, and pimples, this happens because of various kinds of dirt will be easier to get into the skin and settles / clog pores -pori until infections due to bacterial growth. If you have skin with large pores should clean your face with cold water / water of normal temperature, avoid washing your face with warm water because it can make the pores become wider.

How to tighten the pores naturally

There are two tips on how to tighten the pores naturally is by using honey and ice cubes, the following are the steps.

Using honey

Honey is a natural ingredient that has many benefits in the world of beauty, honey contains a lot of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that can be made as a treatment to tighten pores. The trick is also very practical as well as the use of cosmetic products, which is enough to prepare a pure honey. Take one tablespoon of honey, make sure your fingers are already in the clear, then apply honey on your face evenly with your fingers.

Allow the liquid honey on the face for 20-30 minutes, so that the nutrients honey can be absorbed into the skin, after that face by means of washing using cold water. Do this treatment every night before bed and in the morning the day before the activity.

Using ice cubes

The way that this one is not new, shrink pores with ice cubes is very simple and inexpensive, but it effects the cold that caused by ice can make us to be more fresh faces. This treatment is also suitable for use during the dry season, because the heat can make us enlarged pores and oily, how pretty rubbing an ice cube that has been lightly melt on your face for a few minutes. After using it, your face will be fresher and more refined.

Tips Select Product LPG

To avoid getting substandard products susceptible cause gas leaks, Tiko reveal the characteristics of the LPG quality SNI well as how to treat them: Pertamina Solusi Bahan Bakar Berkualitas dan Ramah Lingkungan

1. LPG gas cylinders

Characteristics Right

– Appearance in general should look smooth, not dented, or damaged. Seal cap (plastic wrapping valve) is installed properly.
– Installation of valve, residual must still looks range from three to five whorls.
Rigi-ridge (surface form) welds good (soft and smooth). Quality good welding, there are no defects such as dents or cracks.

– Markings on the side of the hand guard tube by stamping ‘Produced for Pertamina’, a production code the manufacturer and serial number, water capacity, tare weight, test pressure, month and year of manufacture, labeled SNI on stamping his product.

– the red circle around the neck ring with a width of 20 +/- 1 mm painting, emboss logos Pertamina, on the side of the hand guard screen printing, screen printing and the test next month.


– Position the tube to stand in a flat , do not hooped, stored in a dry and well-ventilated.
– LPG tube is placed away from the stove or other sources of ignition and must be sought not exposed to sunlight or direct heat.

– rubber seal (rubber) must always there! Do not poke-pry the rubber seal and store. Because each LPG gas cylinders have been produced and released in conjunction with its rubber seal. Make sure the rubber seal is in good condition, no rips or grepes. Do not flashy-plug valve tube when LPG is not out of the tube, change with the seller or agent.

– Make sure the seal or seal cap in good condition, ensure inner seal cap in good condition. Make sure there are no leaks in the body tube welding parts. Make sure there are no leaks in the tubing and valve connection. Make surethere are no leaks in the connection tube and regulator.

– Check the possible leakage of gas from the tube, stove, hoses and regulators in a way wash with soapy water in vulnerable parts of the leak (connection regulator with the valve tube, hose connection to the regulator and stove). In the event of a leak will occur air bubbles in the soapy water and a distinctive smell of LPG.

2. Rubber Hose

Characteristics right:

# Appearance in general should look smooth, not dented, or damaged. Seal cap (plastic wrapping valve) is installed properly.
# Having a fiber yarn or fiber wire
# bore in accordance with the connection regulator and stove.
# There is a brand of the product, the nominal size of the hole, month and year of production code, as well as the number of SNI hose.

How Caring:

* Avoid rat bites, cuts a sharp object, a flame.
Do not lay the hose with the position of crushed and folded to an object.
hose must be securely fastened with a clamp on the regulator or the stove.
* Clean up of leftovers that avoid attracting rats.
* Before use, perform daily checks on the hose to identify gas leaks.

3. Gas stove

Distinctive Right:

* Visual appearance in general (should appear smooth and no damage or dents). The lighter to function well, no leaks on the stove, fire conditions uneven color and volume, where the connecting rubber hose fitting and not leaking.
* Having a sign on the stove in the form of a production code, the manufacturer’s name makers or brand, SNI number.
* There is a user guide and warranty in accordance with the manufacturer of the stove.


# Always clean regularly (daily).
# Perform routine checks on lighters, fire conditions, a hose connection.
Avoid using kerosene stoves simultaneously with the use of a gas stove, especially when setting up the regulator. (Mom & Kiddie // nsa)

List of Healthy Benefits of Corn Consumption

Corn is one source of carbohydrates which often functioned as an alternative meal instead of rice. Corn falls into one of the types of food most easily found in the ground water. The color is so striking and shape so typical corn be one the so already recognized. Besides being able to be consumed as a substitute for rice, maize can also be enjoyed with a variety of processing such as boiled or baked. Both the processing into the process most often chosen for corn relish.

Well, it turns out other than it tastes delicious and tasty when eaten, corn also has a variety of benefits that are so good for health that perhaps many of you who do not know. A person’s body will need energy to be able to move to fit every day. Therefore, consume foods containing carbohydrates obviously be a good solution to increase energy so that you are ready to perform everyday activities.

Rice has become the food with arbohidrat used by Indonesian people as a staple food, but a few other ingredients such as wheat and corn to meet the needs of carbohydrates required by the body. Especially for corn, where natural vegetation is storing a myriad of benefits both to fulfill the needs of nurtrisi in the body.

Well, to find out more, what benefits can be obtained by eating corn, the following points and explanation.

1. Good For Pregnant Women

Corn contains folic acid is so high, where the content of folic acid would be required pregnant women to the health of mother and fetus. The content of folic acid serves to lower the risk of birth defects. For this reason, corn is very recommended for pregnant women. Thus there is no harm, for those pregnant women begin to include corn as a food menu that is present on your dinner table.

2. Strengthen Bones

Corn contains such nutrients such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and copper are good for your bone health. Which types of mineral deposits is able to nourish and strengthen the bones so that the plague is not easily fragile.

3. Anti-Anemia

Often feel dizzy, weak, weak, and weakness are symptoms that indicate a person affected by anemia. Well, to solve it, consume corn can be a natural remedy. The content of vitamin B and folic acid contained in maize will serve to prevent anemia more effectively.

4. Rejuvenate Skin

The content of antioxidants present in corn is able memutrisi body including the skin tissue. So for those of you who crave to have skin that looks younger, corn can be a natural material for you to get the skin that you have envisioned. Corn consumption on a regular basis, but in this case the processing of corn boiled with the ways the result will be more optimal than the corn through the combustion process.

5. Prevent Diabetes

In addition to some of the content of the above, the corn contains phytochemicals capable of regulating the absorption and release of the hormone insulin in the body. Which makes it corn as a nutritious food with high nutritional content to meet the nutritional needs of your body.

Well, that’s what some of the benefits that you can be healthy when eating corn. How? after reading this article already Would you like to consume corn ?.

Tips for Buying Baby Clothes Online Safe

For you parents who are having a baby, would always want the best for the baby. Ranging from food, the need to outfit worn by a baby, needs extra attention grosir jubah anak laki because considering the condition of the baby is still so vulnerable to diseases.


Related to the third point that clothes or baby clothes, we know that today more streamlined follow the trends and developments. From there we as parents always want the best for the child, certainly hoping to get the products of baby clothes that are not only good but also has a high quality in terms of materials up to comfort when worn.

But sometimes to get baby clothes with good quality we have to mess around with looking at various shopping centers or baby supply stores. Then what about those who do not have time to spare? The answer of course to buy baby clothes online. And for you parents who may be in need of information and tips on buying baby clothes online safe, I have a review for you.

Tips for Buying Baby Clothes Online

As mentioned above, a variety of busyness, especially for those located in urban areas certainly forced us to clever in managing time and run a variety of daily activities. For parents who are looking for good quality baby clothes for the baby, but did not have enough time, online shopping can be a practical and effective solution in your busy schedules.

But of course buy baby clothes online still require attention and knowledge enough so as not to regret later. Moreover, the products of the clothes will be worn by your baby still so vulnerable in terms of physical and health.

So how to choose a baby clothes shopping online safe? There are two things to consider when choosing a good online store to buy baby clothes purposes. The first thing that choose online stores that have customer service with maximum service. The point here is, choose a customer service that is able to be contacted at any time and provide the best explanation that we are not wrong in buying baby clothes.

Next tip ie, it would be better if we choose an online store that is already widely believed and has a large scale. Indeed, not all major online stores are able to guarantee quality of service, but at least we can look on the review or consumer experience that has been trying to transact with the online store. From there we can determine the credibility of online stores where we would buy baby clothes for her beloved baby.

Various Benefits And Uses Email

In this era of advanced today one of the electronic media is quite popular is email. As one of the electronic media to send a message of course also need an address, as well as this email. But it turns out the benefits of email not just as a tool for sending such messages mail or chatting course, but it Email has the benefit that much more, especially to facilitate all sorts of our activities.


Basically the benefits of Email depends on the people who use them so you could say this Email benefits relative depending on who is using it. And here are some of the benefits of email which are commonly used.

  1. As one of the keys to get into social networking.

    The presence of adult social media is like to be one of the things required to be owned by everyone. Well to join in the social media are usually the ones who will be joined for the first time must register first. when registering for this then we need an email account as one of the conditions.

  2. As a way to access a wider world of education.

    For students, college students, scientists or anyone who hopes to get a wide range of knowledge through journals, scientific references are available in the internet world. and of course to get all of that we also need an email account to use when registering to subscribe to the journals of science that you want. And of course, without an email account you can not subscribe to the online scientific journal for scientific journals typically will be sent via email.

  3. Access to the working world directly.

    With the world increasingly developed, email is often used to as a medium to send a resume to a company or agency. So do not be surprised if now it has rarely found a job applicant who was carrying a diploma from one office to another. so with this email is a bit much to have an important role in saving transportation costs and also labor.

  4. One means of promotion of goods and services.

    For those of you who are in the business world, the Email is one of the promotions that are quite effective. By using this email then marketing can take place more efficiently and more effectively which can certainly expand marketing to a broader and also right. Moreover, by using this email so we can save energy, time, and of course the cost.

  5. As a means for sending a document or letter.

    Benefits of Email hereinafter are as a medium to send a letter or document. Besides being faster, by sending via email is also more cost efficient. Not only that, Email is also often used as a tool to send various documents to submit job for kids who still like or college. In this way not only his students who benefited, teachers or lecturers were also easier and more simple.

And of course, from the various benefits of email mentioned above, of course, there are many more benefits other emails.certainly without their email then people will find it difficult to surf easily in cyberspace. So for you who often roam the virtual world, then this email is one important thing to have.

Benefits of Avocados for Pregnant Women, Anything? This answer!

here are so many health benefits that can be obtained by eating avocados during pregnancy. Therefore, not infrequently midwife or obstetrician is likely to recommend you to add fruit for pregnant women to the list of your daily diet. What are the benefits of avocado for pregnant women ? How much consumption of avocados are recommended during pregnancy? Curious? Consider following our exposure. Benefits of Avocados for Pregnant Women Benefits of avocado fruit consumption during pregnancy is quite a lot. The benefits are based on their content of nutrients in the yellow flesh which include vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and B5, potassium, carotenoids, magnesium, folic acid, lutein, and fiber.


1. Preventing and Overcoming Nausea Some pregnant women in the United States admitted if avocados may help prevent and treat nausea that is often sustained during the first trimester of gestation. Although no research has been done as a proof of the benefits of avocados to pregnant women on this one, you certainly should believe, considering there are scientific reasons that can explain this. Avocados contain enough vitamin B6, and vitamin B6 alone can reduce gastric acidity levels significantly. High stomach acid is the main source of nausea in pregnant women.

2. Optimize Fetal Brain Growth One of the biggest health benefits of avocados during pregnancy is that it comes with folic acid, a substance which is very important in the early development of your baby. As we know, lack of folic acid during the first trimester of pregnancy can stimulate the onset of neural tube disorders and spina bifida in the fetus. Consuming avocado regularly during the final trimester of pregnancy also helps provide folic acid is needed for brain growth in the fetus. If you want your fetus in the womb smart eating fruits Latin name Persea americana is certainly one the right way.

3. Overcoming Leg Cramps If you experience leg cramps during pregnancy -usually occur in the age at last trimester of pregnancy, avocados can help you ease it. Compared banana, avocado has more potassium, and potassium (along with calcium) can help relieve your leg cramps.

4. Balancing Blood Sugar Levels Benefits of avocado for pregnant women next is able to maintain the balance of blood sugar. Pregnant women with diabetes are encouraged to eat a fruit that comes from Mexico is at least one fruit a day, either in juice form or in the form of a round.

5. Increase Fertility Reproduction Ancient Aztecs believed that if the consumption of avocado in men and women can improve fertility reproductive system. Mexico’s original peoples belief seems true and has been scientifically proven. Avocados contain folic acid, substances that are good for improving reproductive fertility. It also contains monounsaturated fat that can create a healthy environment for the conception of the fertilization process. Despite its many benefits, the avocado is not recommended for those who have a latex allergy because it can increase the risk of itching. Therefore, the decision to consume avocados for pregnant women need to pay attention to these risks. Please check whether you suffer from latex allergies or not your doctor.

How to Choose Furniture For Living Room

It makes sense if you have to be more careful in choosing furniture, keep your room tends to look better and elegant in the living room. Fireplace mantel ideas selection of a simple, sturdy materials and a comfortable seat on the chairs and sofas will help you express your style decorating furniture for current and future years. But while there are some rules to choose the decor, it is very important in structuring the living room arrangement of the room so that you look more elegant and comfortable.

Living Room Furniture
Here are some How To Choose Furniture For Living Room :

At least you should know the power of minimalist design is better than an antique if the room you created with minimalist concept. The elements you have the perfect room in which you have a sofa, coffee table, two chairs, a pair of chairs that can be moved, benches, two long tables and two tables corner.

When decorating around the view, you must not to use furniture that creates a visual block. A bench or a low daybed is a wonderful choice for a seat that maintains a peek outdoors.

A console table behind the sofa is one of those ideas that you can apply. Console table should be slightly lower than the back of the sofa, to maintain a clean line of sight. Framed mirror is great for adding lighting. Also a pair of taillights sofa Really can illuminate the room.

Piguran mirror is a simple way in How to Choose Furniture For Living Roomto make the living room look bigger and brighter, and add a bit of luxury. Mirror symmetry is very good to recognize the room as well.

A pair of sofa is ideal for a comfortable living room. Make sure your coffee table is 14 to 18 inches of each sofa. This allows enough space for the hall, but not too much so your feet will not reach.

For a larger living space where a great floor plan seems too open, try creating two separate sitting area. Distinguishing space by incorporating different patterns but complementary or use two different rugs. A bench or ottoman can help incorporate space as possible for guests to sit on both sides and add continuity.

Seats are subject parlor, and while they are often paired with a sofa. Couple chairs work well in the space that is used primarily for communication. Most seats are between 28 and 36 inches and 28 to 40 inches. To maintain the functional space, be sure to keep the space open for a pass.

Corner table is a table for a drink, snack, remote and books. The corner table should be slightly higher than or the same height as the arm chair or sofa beside which they sit.